“Hello my friends. Welcome back familia Slone.” -Andrea, owner of La Taverna Degli Orsi There is no warmer greeting that a family can receive when entering a restaurant. We are always made to feel like close friends or family as we enter La Taverna Degli Orsi or the Tavern of the Bear. Andrea, the owner, […]

Near the border between Italy and France in the Maritime Alps, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, forests, and streams, you can find Vernante, a small village of just 1300 people, known to many as “the village of Pinocchio,” but I would argue that it should be famous for one of the best restaurants in Italy, Ristorante […]

I enjoy visiting Helsinki year-round, but it is a special place in late spring and early summer when the locals begin to spend their time out and about in the city. A great boutique hotel and centrally located in the heart of the active Helsinki downtown, Klaus K Hotel, takes its name and design inspiration […]