Pappasito's Margarita

Reserva Margarita at Pappasito’s

While Pappasito’s is part of a large, Houston-based chain of restaurants that cooks up everything from pit-smoked BBQ to Louisiana-style seafood, there is no denying that their Tex-Mex is legit.  When I visit Houston, I typically find my way to both Chuy’s and then Little Pappasito’s on Kirby and order similar items each time- typically a margarita and enchiladas.

My preferred margarita at Pappasito’s is the Reserva Margarita which is made with Corazon Reposado tequila, Grand Marnier, and organic agave nectar.  The Pappasito’s margaritas are served in heavy glasses made for margaritas, which keep them nice and cold.  To accompany my Reserva, I like the Ixtapa beef enchiladas, but with queso on top instead of the normal chile con carne.

To me, Pappasito’s produces the flavors that are the very taste of Tex-Mex and since I am an experienced, Texas-born authority on all Texas foods,  you can take my word for it.  People often ask me whether Chuy’s or Pappasito’s is better and find that this is a difficult question to answer.  I like the atmosphere and environment better at Chuy’s, especially in Austin locations like Hula Hut on Town Lake, but for pure quality of food, I think Pappasito’s might have a slight edge.  Regardless, I enjoy going to both when I am in Texas and I am never disappointed in either.


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