Located in the heart of Cape Porpoise in a historic white house just on the edge of the water, lies the cozy restaurant, Musette.  Named after the traditional cycling “musettes” which are bags used to quickly transfer food to cyclists during long races, Musette the restaurant serves up culinary delights that you can savor at your table without having to pedal.

What happens when you mix cold Maine winters with Covid indoor dining restrictions? For most restaurants it would mean shutting down until warmer temperatures arrive in the spring, but not Kennebunk’s Batson River Brewing.

Nestled in a rocky forest of balsam and birch trees, only a few miles from Goose Rocks Beach In Kennebunkport, Hidden Pond feels like a remote, luxury summer camp for adults. In the midst of the tranquil wilderness, you’ll find modern and stylish bungalows, cozy cottages, organic gardens, and Earth, Hidden Pond’s outstanding restaurant. The […]