It is no secret that I love good Mexican food and after living for nearly ten years in France, I never miss an opportunity to eat a good taco or plate of enchiladas. When I knew I was heading to NYC, I messaged a fellow-born Texan living in the West Village to get his recommendations […]

After seven years in France, I’ve learned that most French don’t understand or appreciate quality Mexican cuisine and this is represented by the lack of Mexican restaurants throughout the country. So when I learned that a former Top Chef (2017) with a Mexican heritage, Alexis Delassaux, had opened a restaurant in South Pigalle (So-Pi), I […]

There is nothing better, and I mean nothing in this world, better than tacos and margaritas after surfing or a visit to the beach. Who am I kidding, there is nothing better in this world than tacos- period. Thank goodness for Tacos So Loco, a little food truck located, in of all places, just off […]

I moved to France from Boulder, Colorado in 2012 and was only supposed to be in country for a year. That was 6 years ago and we are still grinding our way around the French Riviera. There are many things I miss about Boulder, such as: my good friends; college football; hiking around the Flatiron […]