Tuesday, May 1st was the start of many public holidays in France. As an American living in France, I don’t really understand the importance of these holidays to the French, except that I don’t have to go to work- which is very nice. The first being La Fête du Travail or May Day, which is […]

We must be in the rainy season in southern France as it has been cloudy and rainy more often than sunny for the past several weekends. Instead of spending the entire Saturday indoors, we decided to find something to do away from the house. After resisting for more than two months, I finally gave in […]

My assumption that it doesn’t rain that often in the Cote d’Azur was definitely wrong. The last few weeks seem to be filled with more cold, rainy days than warm, sunny days. I’m not really complaining, just admitting that my knowledge of the weather here was either wrong or the rain we are experiencing is […]

Shhh… Don’t tell my wife. I’m in love with another. She is natural beauty, with dizzying curves that are hard to miss. Her knowledge on the subjects of art and culture have made her very influential and she maintains incredible collections at the Uffizi and Pitti Palace. I’m not the first to love her, other […]

Villa Collina by Inspirato is like no place I’ve ever stayed. Working in the travel industry, I have been fortunate to spend time at some of the top luxury hotels and resorts in the world, but nothing is quite like the experience at Villa Collina. It’s not just another luxury lodging property or resort, but […]