Located in the heart of Cape Porpoise in a historic white house just on the edge of the water, lies the cozy restaurant, Musette.  Named after the traditional cycling “musettes” which are bags used to quickly transfer food to cyclists during long races, Musette the restaurant serves up culinary delights that you can savor at your table without having to pedal.

Strolling down Ludlow with an urge for a late-night snack after mid-town cocktails and conversations we were guided to a simple yellow sign that glowed with a mysterious corn dog-like symbol high above the road.

It is no secret that I love good Mexican food and after living for nearly ten years in France, I never miss an opportunity to eat a good taco or plate of enchiladas. When I knew I was heading to NYC, I messaged a fellow-born Texan living in the West Village to get his recommendations […]

Strolling through the Village on a sunny spring day, we happened to pass by a neighborhood eatery, Buvette, which caused us to turn around and take a second look as it reminded us of a small European cafe. The outside street-seating was mostly full and buzzing with life on a Wednesday afternoon so when we […]

Nestled in a rocky forest of balsam and birch trees, only a few miles from Goose Rocks Beach In Kennebunkport, Hidden Pond feels like a remote, luxury summer camp for adults. In the midst of the tranquil wilderness, you’ll find modern and stylish bungalows, cozy cottages, organic gardens, and Earth, Hidden Pond’s outstanding restaurant. The […]

After seven years in France, I’ve learned that most French don’t understand or appreciate quality Mexican cuisine and this is represented by the lack of Mexican restaurants throughout the country. So when I learned that a former Top Chef (2017) with a Mexican heritage, Alexis Delassaux, had opened a restaurant in South Pigalle (So-Pi), I […]

Off the legendary road to Cap d’Antibes, the Hotel Belles Rives is situated above the sun-kissed, blue water of the Mediterranean.  A prestigious waterfront setting that has attracted the rich and famous for 90+ years starting with Francis Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, and more recently celebrities like Andrea Bocelli, George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, Jude […]

I’ve traveled to Israel several times this year and many more times during the past few years which has allowed me to stay at the best boutique hotels in Tel Aviv.  More recently, I have become obsessed with staying at the Mendeli Street Hotel, and it has become my go-to hotel when visiting Tel Aviv- […]

As the saying goes, you can take the boy out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the boy.  Originally from deep in the heart of Texas, I was raised with an appreciation of slow-smoked meats, which is considered an art form in the Lone Star State.  The smoke, the smell, the flavor […]

“Hello my friends. Welcome back familia Slone.” -Andrea, owner of La Taverna Degli Orsi There is no warmer greeting that a family can receive when entering a restaurant. We are always made to feel like close friends or family as we enter La Taverna Degli Orsi or the Tavern of the Bear. Andrea, the owner, […]

Near the border between Italy and France in the Maritime Alps, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, forests, and streams, you can find Vernante, a small village of just 1300 people, known to many as “the village of Pinocchio,” but I would argue that it should be famous for one of the best restaurants in Italy, Ristorante […]

A touristy, but must-visit restaurant. Just outside of Tel Aviv, located on the old port in Jaffa is a can’t-miss restaurant experience for newcomers to the area, The Old Man & The Sea.  Borrowing the name from the Hemingway novel, this family-style restaurant overlooks the Mediterranean and is an ideal spot for tourists looking for […]